Cut & Sew
With Us


The first stage in any production schedule is development. Here we focus on creating your designs from the raw materials: sourcing fabric, creating patterns, and sewing your sample.

Things to keep in mind:

- The Pattern, Prototype, and Sample prices reflect the time and expertise required to create top quality garments. We are at a moderate price point and keep complete transparency over how we price our services

- The Prototype is the very first run of your pattern. Here is where we will see how the pattern works and fits for the very first time. This is also when we need the MOST detailed feedback. From here we will change and alter the pattern if it necessary and determined on a case by case basis.

-Once all three are completed and paid for, they are yours to keep. Patterns are the blueprint to everything we create; they are an investment. The development process can take up to 6 months.

We offere one revision to a finished sample. Please take your time in explaining your design to make sure we get every detail prior to our pattern and sample creation. (Do not be shy about over-explaining!)



Once development is complete and everything is as it should be, we can move into Production! This is generally a 4-6 week process that will change depending on how many total units you are producing and you are confirmed on our production calendar.

You supply everything necessary to complete production. This includes fabric, trims, buttons and notions, hang tags, care labels, and brand labels. We have resources to help you find everything you need, so feel free to ask us if you are unable to source these yourself.

- Our production allows you to have up to 3 colorways per style, and as many sizes as you wish. We can create both number and letter sizing, for example 2-26 or XS-XXL (the range and number per size is completely up to you!)

-If you are bringing your own markers, we need to create a prodution sample before a T.O.P. sample (Top of Production). Think of this additional step as an insurance policy: if your marker is wrong in any way, we want to catch it before it halts the production you paid for and costs you a ton of money! This way both sides can come together and figure out the best way to move forward with your markers in the quickest way possible.

- You can still receive a T.O.P. free of charge. You have already paid for us to begin, so this is just the designer getting a chance to see what the rest of the line will look like.





Our MOQ is 50. If you need additional assistance you can email us at fulfillment timeframe for custom wholesale orders delivery dates is 4 to 6 weeks. This excludes weekends and holidays. Our MOQ is 50. To start your process please be sure to email us at No refunds or discounts per our wholesale policy.