Shon Simon Co. is a U.S. apparel manufacturing company that specializes in custom design for all brand needs. As one of the fastest-growing independent manufacturers in the state of California, Shon Simon Co.'s mission is to provide timeless, quality merchandise that reflects the essence of each brand with excellence. 

With deliverables including fabric sourcing, pattern making, and sample building, our product catalog continues to expand across a diverse audience while staying rooted in the ideals that have made Shon Simon Co. a success – innovative design, quality products, and consistent turnaround time. 

At Shon Simon Co. our team is committed to producing on a global level and aspire to pivot the trajectory of the future of manufacturing as we know it. Our vision is to expose the imagination of developers to results that empower through innovation and exploration. We trust that the more we produce, the more the world is unified fashionably.